Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg ASBL (JEL)

The Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg non-profit organisation (JEL) was established as part of the “National plan for innovation and full employment”, that falls within the Lisbon strategy. The organisation, which brings together representatives from the education sector and representatives from the business world, was set up (in 2005) to inject and perpetuate “entrepreneurial spirit” into education in Luxembourg. The Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg charity has two main objectives:

  • to explain to and teach young people throughout their education that self-employment is a valid alternative to a traditional salary employment 
  • to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, innovate, create and take initiatives.
In order to meet these objectives, JEL seeks to teach and raise awareness amongst young people in the business and entrepreneurial world, equip them with the skills and competencies they will need to succeed by offering 10 educational, practical and interactive programmes at each stage of their education in Luxembourg (primary, secondary, higher). It strives to strengthen links between the world of education and the world of business, and to develop and enhance an “entrepreneurial culture” in Luxembourg 

Our Mission 

“To inspire and prepare young people to innovate, create, take the initiative and be responsible” 

Our Vision 

“Learn entrepreneurship” 

EUROPEN-PEN International 

JEL is also a member of international organisation EUROPEN-PEN International, which administrates the practice enterprises network. It supports a worldwide network of over 7,500 Practice Enterprises in schools, universities and other establishments globally, including Adem, across more than 40 countries with the aim of developing employability.